Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring 2009 Show Highlights

By Paul Garrett, Show Chairman
Our Spring 2009 show is behind us and was successful in attendance of public, show exhibitors, WPHS volunteer show committee participants and was within budget in all categories. All in attendance were very complimentary about all aspects and many indicated it was the best show we have fielded. All tables we had ended up selling and a couple of them twice. If you noticed, we used less space than the Fall 08 show but actually sold more tables, had more traffic and experienced a more vibrant and exciting show all day long!
Our Exhibitor count was up with some new faces from national dealers, international dealers from Canada & Germany as well as some additions from out of state. Our favorite out of town and in-state regular exhibitors also returned to complete a wide range of local, professional and WPHS member show participants.
We are very fortunate to have such a willing show committee with so many selfless individuals, many who have been with us for every show since they have joined.
Two shows annually, plus an auction, that are all successful, is not an accident but all because of the planning, preparation & follow through of all members of the committee. Had WPHS not been innovative, with so many involved members over the past 15 years, we would not be in such an enviable position and able to offer so many programs for photography students at all educational levels.
The show committee can always use more help and we invite you to join our ranks to help spread the load. Any questions or comments are always welcome. You can call me at 520-299-9117 or the WPHS phone 520-529-5072 or
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